Radio Spot

Here’s a radio spot that I wrote for class:



MUSIC:                        SCI-FI MUSIC

ANNOUNCER:                    (WARM AND INVITING)

At Bill’s Pizza the prices are always low and the flavor is out of this world!  At Bill’s Pizza our food is prepared using the freshest ingredients, and cooked in our classic brick oven to perfection.  Our fast delivery team will have your pizza to your door in no time, and can deliver as late as 3 a.m., just call  8-2-8–2-6-9–67-45.

SFX:                          STAR WARS LIGHTSABER IGNITING

ANNOUNCER:                          Don’t forget about our sci-fi trivia night, every Wednesday starting at eight.  Come to 1-22 East Main Street in Boone to test your knowledge while enjoying our classic taste.  Call today and have a fresh, hot pizza in minutes at 8-2-8–2-6-9–67-45.

MUSIC:                        FADE OUT SCI-FI MUSIC